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Mobile Eventually

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Your website has mobile visitors.

Are they your new priority?

Part 1

We come not single spies.

How do you determine priority?

How do your business owners determine priority?

How do you come to agreements?


Priority tools

Performance Continuums

User testing

Customer feedback

Support logs


Customer validation


Can you calculate:

Percentage of mobile traffic?

Value of a mobile visitor?

User loss from desktop?

Cost of doing mobile?

Do you understand

What part of the business is the most valuable?

Do you understand

The value of what you're proposing?

Empathy for the business owner?

What if not hitting that quarterly goal means they get fired?

This might not be sensible

but it is real.


Can learning the language of our clients helps us negotiate with them?

Part 2


What if working on mobile means other work doesn't get done?

What if the work is already behind?

Everything has a cost.

Part 3


We're doing another iOS app?

The Bats!

Average day / Average user

Text messaging.

Playing games.

Checking the weather.

Data from multiple sources.

If we know something about apps, it's that all the details matter.

People spend no more than a minute or two evaluating a new app.

Only 16% of people try a buggy app more than twice.

Data from research.

What am I gonna do with your app?

There are

a lot of ways to make money.

If you’re new at this — and by “new at it,” I mean 15 years in, or even 20 — you’re just starting to get traction. -Louis C.K.

We are still learning.

It is conscientious to consider an accessible mobile web.

Mobile might be appropriate and profitable.

But the road can be long.

No Assertations

Only Questions

What is the experience that your work enables?

Is this valuable?

How unhappy are people because you didn't make it work on mobile?

What experiments have you done?

What data do you have?

Are you willing to do the math?

Or do work you weren't asked to do?


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